Detailing Products

Tenzi detailing products – Pro Detailing Line offers a remarkable range of professional detailers that cater to all aspects of car detailing. Our comprehensive cleaning, renovation, and maintenance products are unmatched.

Tenzi interior products

Tenzi interior detailing products are particularly noteworthy, as they excel at restoring plastic and metal elements to their factory condition. For external detailing, they provide everything from paint cleaners to rim deionizers and iron removers. We recommend exploring our product line, as it has everything you need to make car detailing an uncomplicated and enjoyable experience.

Detailing Accessories 

Car Detailing Accessories. Our professional accessories are a game-changer. Helping you with an easy way to keep your car detailing work much easier.
If you’re in the automotive industry, this is a product line you cannot afford to miss.

In addition to these, we also offer complete car sets and kits, which include all the necessary tools and products to complete a car detail job. These kits can include a variety of items such as brushes, sponges, towels, and more.

‘Certificates BRC Global standards’ and ‘Certified ISO Company’.

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