Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Pro + Pink Foam

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Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Pro+ 2L (Box)
+ ProDetailing Foam Pink 0,7L

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Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Pro+ 2L (Box) + ProDetailing Foam Pink 0,7L

Kwazar Venus Super Foamer Pro+ 2L (Box)

Venus Super Foamer is designed for application foaming agents.
It is used in car washes and garages for cleaning wheels, rims and engine compartments.
The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer is a chemical resistant pressure washer used to apply a layer of foam, quick detail sprays, waterless wash products and more.
The heavy duty design and large size (2L) makes it one of the most economical sprayers we have.
The Kwazar Venus Super Foamer brings you the convenience of a pressure sprayer without the hassle of big machinery.
Simply build pressure by pumping the handle, located on top of the bottle.
Once the desired pressure is reached, press the trigger with your thumb and spray away!

ProDetailing Foam Pink 0,7L

pH7 snow foam
Thick snow foam for manual wash of car body.
It is highly concentrated, chemically neutral. and biodegradable product with pleasant cherry smell.
Safe for car paint and coatings and environmental friendly, because it does not contain phospates.
Can be used with warm or cool water.

How to apply the product:
1. Rinse the car with water to remove heaviest dirt. Use pre-wash if necessary.
2. Prepare 0,1-0,3% solution and use foaming lance to spray the foam all over car body.
3. Wash the car with sponge or wool glove.
4. Rinse with demineralized water if possible.
5. The car paint is now ready for degreasing and coating.

It is good to know that:
Always use wool glove or soft sponge to wash the car after foaming.

What you need to know:
1. The foam Can be used with both warm or cool water.
2. Recommended solution: 10-30 ml per 10l of water.


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