Quick Detailer Kit

24.99 Ex. Vat: 20.32

This kit includes our Prodetailing P14Si Quick Detailer in concentrated form, a Dilution bottle and a blue microfibre cloth


Quick Detailer Concentrate Kit

Quick detailer concentrate kit, includes :

ProDetailing P14Si Ceramic Detailer Concentrate 700ml

Hyper hydrophobic quartz protection
The ceramic-based coating is safe for all kinds of surfaces: paint, glass, rubber and plastic.
Instantly boosts the hydrophobicity and gloss of the surface.
Easy to apply and polish.
Depending on the concentration can be used both on wet and dry paint.

Durable and delicate microfiber towel

Made of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. (40 x 40 cm)

Perfectly absorbs dust and water, suitable for wax polishing and quartz coatings.

Dilution bottle 

How to apply the product:

1 Prepare 1:10 solution with water (demineralized if possible).
2 Spray the dilution onto clean surface (wet or dry).
3 Buff with microfiber towel.
4 Repeat for better effect.



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